Our Learning Strategy:

The Program encourages participatory learning; uses a combination of integrated multi-sensory interactive approaches so that students are able to learn emerging management concepts, techniques and tools. ‘State-of-the-Art’ methodologies will be applied to empower students, strengthen skills and galvanize the effort to achieve the human development goal of the country.

Instruction Methods and Approaches:

With a view to providing students with the basic concepts and analytical skills in decision-making in different situations, the College will use various techniques: lectures, group discussions, project assignments, case studies, field visits, individual and group exercises business games, workshops/seminars, simulation etc. In order to foster communication and interpersonal skills, students are involved in individual/group presentation, group discussions, field visits etc. 


In addition to the given framework of evaluation criteria of Tribhuvan University, concerned instructor evaluates students’ performance by means of individual home assignments, group exercises/presentation, mid term tests and end-term examinations, class activities etc. Besides, each student’s performance is closely monitored by the Departments.