Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FOHSS) is one of the four Faculties of Tribhuvan University. Formerly, it was existed as an Institute. It was restructured as a Faculty in 1985 (2042 BS). This Faculty is producing specialized human resources in humanities, social sciences, computer applications and interdisciplinary studies. There are 30 constituent Campuses along with more than 300 affiliated colleges under this Faculty.

This Faculty has 22 Central Departments, 8 new Master Degree programs like Conflict Peace and Development Studies (CPDS), Gender Studies(GS), International Relation and Diplomacy (IRD), Social Work(MSW), Sports Science(MSS), Counselling Psychology, Tourism and Hospitality Studies and Development Studies . Master Degree Programs at the university campus as well as all new programs are running under semester system. Seven Central Departments are conducting M. Phil. Program. Three special Masters Degree programs are affiliated to this Faculty: 1) Strategic Study (SS), 2) Security, Peace and Development Studies and (SPDS) and 3) Crisis Management Studies (CMS). The number of students’ enrollment in this Faculty is 32 % out of the entire university enrollment.

The Office of the Dean provides academic supports as well as leadership and direction to the Campuses and Central Departments. It conducts Ph. D. program in the subjects of Humanities and Social Sciences in academic coordination and involvement of the concerned Central Departments and faculties. In order to enhance the efficiency, the office of the Dean regularly conducts seminar, cum workshop for its faculties. It also publishes periodic journals, teaching and research manuals.

Faculty Board headed by the Dean is highest body of the Faculty. Dean’s Office has four sections: 1. Ph.D. Section, 2. Examination Section, 3. Equivalence, Research/Publication, and Training/Seminar Section, and 4. Administration Section.