Teacher education in Nepal was started with the establishment of Basic Teacher Training Programme in 1947. As the need of teachers and teacher training was realized by the then government of Nepal, Nepal National Educational Planning Commission (NNEPC) 1954-55 recommended for College of Education which was materialized in 1956. The main objective of the College of Education (COE) was to produce trained manpower to teach at the primary and secondary schools. Thus, with the establishment of the College of Education, teacher training in the country took a definite shape. In 1971, National Education System Plan was introduced in the country and COE was renamed as the Institute of Education (IOE). A decade later in 1982, following the recommendation made by the Royal Commission on Higher Education, IOE was given the status of the present Faculty of Education (FOE).

Faculty of Education (FOE) is the largest faculties under Tribhuvan University in terms of the number of students and the number of campuses which are ever increasing. With its 26 constituent campuses and 560 affiliated campuses throughout the country, it has the biggest network of teacher training. Through its different courses which are taught in different programmes viz. One Year B.Ed, Three Year B.Ed and Two Year Med, MPhil and PhD, FOE produces trained educational manpower as teachers, teacher trainers, educational planners and managers, educational researchers, curriculum designer and all sorts of human resources needed for the educational sector of the country.

Whatever the name it might have along the time, it always helped Ministry of Education (MOE) by producing and supplying educational manpower, and helped the country to walk on the road of development.